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北京赛车技巧心得:"Syrian warfare" touches the market Gold crude oil or a sharp rise in the short-term

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内容摘要:REVIEW:1, " Syriawar" affects the marketgold or crude oilmeet short-term soaring2, after watchingHainanmale security, is expected ...


1, " Syria war" affects the market gold or crude oil meet short-term soaring

2, after watching Hainan male security, is expected to become a high-level free trade port

3,41 only goal pension fund reported deferred tax brought a broad space

4, the HKMA shot two days in a row to defend the Hong Kong dollar


look after male Hainan security, is expected to become a high-level free trade port

State Council issued "on deepening the comprehensive support Hainan Guidelines for reform and opening up Pointed out that Hainan is encouraged to develop horse racing and other projects to explore the development of sports lottery and large-scale international competitions to open the lottery ; to encourage the exploration of intellectual property securitization ; to gradually prohibit the sale of fuel vehicles in Hainan Island ; resolutely to prevent speculation Housing speculation behavior . The official announcement of Hainan’s four “new business cards”: Hainan will build a comprehensive deepening reform and opening up pilot area, a national ecological civilization pilot area, an international tourism consumption center, and a national major strategic service guarantee area.

Hainan Free Trade Zone will become the 12th free trade trial zone in China after Shanghai, Guangdong and other free trade pilot zones. Not only that, the Party Central Committee supported Hainan Island to build a free trade trial zone, and exceeded the area limit of 120 square kilometers for the first 11 free trade pilot zones, . In addition, the completion of Hainan free trade port, its area will far exceed China Hong Kong, Singapore, Dubai and other cities, become the world's largest free trade port .

"Syrian warfare" affects the market gold crude oil or in the short-term surged

According to Xinhua News Agency, US President Trump announced on the evening of the 13th that the United States has united Britain and France to implement precision strikes on Syrian military facilities. On the morning of 14 local time, the United States, Britain, and France launched a military operation against Syria.

The UN Security Council failed to pass a draft resolution drafted by Russia on the 14th to condemn the Syrian military strike.

The news that the U.S., Britain, and France had made an accurate crackdown on Syria took place at the weekend, and the global gold, crude oil futures market and foreign exchange market basically did not trade, so we couldn't see the reaction of price changes. The industry generally believe that the situation in Syria to suppress the market risk appetite, given the current situation in Syria, there may be a market to start trading, gold and crude oil prices soared .

41 will target only the pension fund reported deferred tax brought a broad space

Last week, five ministries and commissions such as the Ministry of Finance issued the Notice on Launching the Individual Tax Deferred Commercial Pension Insurance Pilot Program (hereinafter referred to as the “Notice”), which means that China’s multi-level pension insurance system has officially started. The scope of investment of the public fund as a personal business pension account will also be linked to personal accounts from May 2019 onwards.

Actually, preparations for the fund company, , have started since the release of the guidelines for the Self-Support Fund.

According to the SFC website disclosure of information, has been reported to target 41 pension funds from 21 fund companies, Universal Fund reported a 4, Guotai Fund , China Southern Fund Fund , , E Fund , etc. reported 3 respectively.

The HKMA defended the Hong Kong dollar in two consecutive rounds.

With the Hong Kong dollar exchange rate continuing to fall, the Hong Kong Monetary Authority has once again entered the market. On April 13, the HKMA re-entered the market to undertake the Hong Kong dollar offer. It bought HK$2.442 billion in the New York market early in the morning to maintain the stability of the Hong Kong dollar exchange rate. Two times into the market, the HKMA bought a total of 3.258 billion Hong Kong dollars. After T+2 settlement, the bank balance of Hong Kong on April 16th, bank will be reduced from HK$180 billion to approximately HK$177.7 billion.





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